Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Urban sound emitters

Hello to all you patient followers out there,

I know that updates here are rare. Just take it as a sign of me being busy working on the city.
I will do my best to bring you a second beta until the end of this summer. Promiss!

This update is all about sounds. You will agree that the right background sound is very important to create a realistic urban atmosphere. I finally managed to get my urban sound emitters working. Technically speaking, they are copies of EA's late night building shells, so they play a variety of urban sounds within a certain range. Placing one of them on every corner results in a dense urban sound atmosphere throughout the city. The best thing is that they are invisible in game :)

In CAW hoewever, they look like a small american flag to make placing them easier. If one of you is interested in using them for your own worlds, contact me.

Theoretically, the sound files played by them can be changed to any sound you like using s3pe and some other tools. I have tested some real sounds from NY, but it's hard to find good sounds, so I will stick to the default ones by now.

EDIT: Ok here is the video. The sounds are actually part of the game, not added afterwards. Now there's only the traffic missing at Times Square, butI don't think I can do anything about that... enjoy anyway :)

I will upload a video, once I find the time to record it, to show you how the sound atmosphere is in game.

Take care until next time and keep looking forward to beta number 2!