About the project

The City of New York is one of the most fascinating metropolitain areas in the world. It will serve as the ideal setting for all your Sims' wishes to come true!

This project can be seen as a try to bring the fascination of New York City into the Sims 3. It's ambitious, but not impossible.
I must admit that this was not my idea in the first place. I have been playing Daniel's great New York world over the last few month, but at some point, I started to miss the depth of a real "Big Urban City Feeling". This is why I had started my own world.

It should include as many realistic city buildings, famous New York landmarks and urban details as possible, without breaking the game's immersion or making it unplayable. After spending weeks figuring out the best scale of the map, to get as much of New York as possible into the game, I tried to find more deco-buildings for the creation of my world. Finding none, it was time to start my own creations and converting famous buildings like Grand Central Terminal or the buildings arround Times Square from google earth to the Sims 3 package files. This is a very timeconsuming process, as every building has to be converted, rescaled and manually retextured.

To play the world, you will need the following EPs:
World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night and Seasons.

But enough of the technical details, this is what it's all about:

The city features 4 boroughs: A big Manhattan in the middle of the map with a small part of the Bronx up North and a large part of Brookly and Queens to the East. A small piece of New Jersey is also part of the map, but of course not part of the city of New York.
The terrain is based on a real map and was only altered when absolutely needed. Due to mapping limitations, the city will not be as huge as it is in real life, but yet big enough to hold a lot of details. 
                                                                           The world of the "Big Apple"

At the moment, only Manhattan and the Bronx are worked on and I cannot promise that the project will ever go beyond that, as it's even so big that there is enough space for hundreds of buildings. 
Manhattan itself features the following districts at the moment:

  • Financial District

  • Tribeca

  • Little Italy

  • Chinatown 

  • SoHo

  • Westvillage

  • Times Square

  • Upper West Side 

  • Upper East Side

  • Harlem

I am doing my best that they will all be fully recognizable, meaning they all have unique buildings and of course the according landmarks. 

I hope this information will help you to understand what's going on here and what awaits you. Feel free to contact me, in case you have any questions and don't miss the gallery!



  1. I'm looking forward to your city's release!
    I'm so glad you found my billboards helpful. If you ever have any questions about stuff, feel free to drop me a line.


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  3. Omg! Please don't abandon this project. You have an audience. Your New York looks so high quality. If you ever get to a point where you feel uninspired to finish, then just release something of it lol. Your doing an awesome job, if you ever need help I would suggest taking your world over to Mod The SIms and posting it in the new world forums for input and what not. Just wow, your New York is awesome!

  4. This looks really cool. Look forward to trying it out.

  5. Wonderful job!!! It's beautiful and soooo very realistic. Thank you for your dedication and time on this project...looking forward to the completion!

  6. This looks awesome! It will be the #1 best world for the Sims 3!

  7. This looks great! I cannot tell you enough how much I like your concept and vision. I really look forward to playing this world when you get it done. Keep up the great work!