Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally some news!

Hello everybody,

first, I want so say that I am very sorry for not posting anything here for quite a while now.
Lots of things have asked for my attention and this project is definitely not dead or stopped in any way!

The contrary is the case! I have been very active during the last weeks. Adding more nightlights to various skyscrapers and adding more detail to the scene was my major desire. I have started to add street detail like cars, mailboxes, seating in front of restaurants and other decorative objects to the world in order to increase immersion.
Those pictures are only a small excerpt:

My general plan was to improve the already existing parts firts, before I start working on the other boroughs, but as you know, plans change quite often.
So I also started working on the Bronx, which is coming along quite nicely.
Connected to that, I realised an idea which I like very much: A railway track along Park Avenue.

A third thing I am working on is a very detailed tutorial on how to make your own deco building creations. I felt the necessity to do so, because many people asked me how I did those deco buildings for the Big Apple. It will be released  here on this blog soon, so be sure to check regularly!