Pictures of New York...

Here you will find all the pictures of the city. As the project grows, the gallery will also grow and provide more pictures for you to get an impression what awaits you, once this world is finished.

March 2014

News from Times Square

January 2014

Introducing: The Bronx

Adding highway signs

 New World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)

 Street detail

Redone: Washington Bridge with Bridge Arch

October 2013

Current Manhattan as it comes with the First Beta

Subway Station at Union Square

Times Square 42 Street

Madison Square Park

 Lohnberg&Schlacks Financial Headquarter (business rabbithole)

September 2013

Roosevelt Island

A cloudy day


New York Winter Nights

Roof-top gardens

Streets of Manhattan

Current Manhattan from different perspectives

Central Park

JULY 2013

Union Square

Brooklyn Bridge at night

Midtown rooftops at night 

Early in the morning, over the rooftops in Chinatown

Looking down Hudson River

 Time Warner Center and Times Square viewn from the Hudson River

JUNE 2013

A view down from Harlem, showing an yet empty Central Park with only a few buildings around and the skyline of Midtown in the background.

Times Square, Columbus Circle and Time Warner Center as currently viewn from Central Park

 Columbus Circle and Time Warner Center from a close perspective

The "entrance" to Times Square

 Midtown from above, showing the Empire State Building, 
4 Times Square, Metlife Building and many others to come

Westvillage with the Midtown Train Terminal in the background

 A street beetwen Little Italy and SoHo in close perspective

  The Empire State Building viewn from Little Italy

  A view over the rooftops

 Chinatown: A view into Canal Street

 241 Canal Street with it's Starbuck's Coffee branch

A well known fastfood branch is also present in Canal Street


SoHo, home of art and fine foods

  Of course, New York would be nothing without a cab, would it?

 Downtown Manhattan is already quite populated


  1. Wow! This is amazing! It must take a lot of time and effort! I can't wait for its release, I will definitly download it.

    Just a question, will there be some house/appartements where our sims can live?

  2. There are Houses/Appartments all over the city, but they are designed to fit into the scenery and therefore not easy to identify from the pictures.

    For example, the three brown medi-size buildings in the last picture feature a loft with a great view over Downtown Manhattan. :)

  3. It looks amazing! I've wanted a New York themed world ever since I went there. Will you have sims already in the town or will we have to place them ourselves?

  4. Hi,

    if people wish to, I could place some sims already in town, but I haven't really dealt with that question yet.
    Thanks for the hint!

  5. I love it I cant wait to download.Just wondering if most of the deco buildings are going to light up?

  6. Yes, most of the decos will light up. I have just not made the lighted windows yet. They are attached to the building afterwards to make sure that only the windows light up and not the whole building itself, because that looks rather stupid.

  7. How can I download it? Please help me :)

  8. I am sorry, but the world isn't ready to download yet. Please be patient ;)

  9. OMG, I loved it!! Congrats, its such a perfect work!
    Can't wait do download!
    Do u know when will be available to download? :D

  10. This is amazing, and I love you.

    is there anyway people can show their support? do you accept donations or something?

  11. Hey,

    thanks for your offer to support. It is an honor for me that you do even think about donations, but this project is absolutely free and I am yet rewarded enough with your patience for it to be completed :)

  12. This is an excellent project, my congratulations for you, I'm looking forward to download.

  13. Great work!

    This is coming along nicely.

    Take your time and get it right!

  14. I m also fascinated by NYC, and this is the first time I can feel the same emotion, the vibrating spirit of this city in a sims world! Your work is just amazing, huge, incredible. I m working on sims nyc world, but yours is so much better, and if you need any help, I'd help you with a great pleasure! PS where do you find all these fake buildings? That s so cool! Thank you for showing your amazing work! (Sorry for my english, I m french)

  15. it's coming along very superbly, good job. do you have any idea about the time you'll be releasing it? i am soooo looking forward to it! thank you!

  16. I am just doing some final tests to ensure that the exportet world works the way I want it to. After that I'll release it.

  17. I have lived in NYC all my life and love what you are doing. I'm eagerly awaiting to see what you do with Williamsburg in Brooklyn and in Queens. Don't forget that in Richmond hill there are lots of Queen Anne Victorian homes that have been segmented into apts! Contact me if you have questions.

    1. Thank you for your offer! I do appreciate any kind of feedback or any hint on how to make this world more realistic.
      I'm glad you enjoy it!

  18. I love how amazing this world is. It is so beautiful. The onlt thing that upsets me is that most of the buildings are fake and not usable :/