Trevor's city tours

Trevor: Hi, I'm Trevor. I am your handsome, virtual city guide! I like hot girls, fast cars, barbecue and hot girls. Did I mention I like hot girls? Time to show you 'round New York City, right? 

World Builder: Come down, Trevor. This is your first tour, don't ruin it or you will be deleted and lost forever in the depth of my harddisk. Where will you take us today? There are plenty of options yet!

Trevor: Give me a minute, I'm just calling for a limo to show you round...

World Builder: Forget it. There are no limos in this world yet. Did I mention your tummy gets bigger every day? Maybe you should do something 'bout it and walk over to Central Park for a work out?

Trevor: ...
World Builder: It's not far away, let's walk over.

Trevor: Walk your ass! Why do people always think that everybody in NYC likes running?
World Builder: Trevor...
Trevor: Ok, ok, you're the boss!

Trevor: I like that french bakery shop. They have good croissants here...

Trevor: Here we are! Finally!

Trevor: Time to take a break. I'd die for a cold beer, man!

World builder: What a great view! Doesn't it feel like one is in the middle of a forest while being in the middle of the city at the same time?
Trevor: If you say so...

Trevor: Damn! I nearly forgot my date with that chick from the chatroom I meet online last night. Pretty awesome girl, dude! If she's only half as pretty as on the pictures, i'll...

World Builder: Trevor, you've got a job to do, right?

 Trevor: Why not combine business with pleasure? Let's head to Union Square. *HotGirl21* awaits me... TAXI!

Trevor: Hi.... nice to meet you... (OMG! What a wich!)
Sorry, just remember that I forgot to water my house plant... I'll come back to you later. Promise.

Trevor: Puh! That was close... I should really skip for a while! 

Trevor: Time for lunch. There's a nice restaurant in SoHo. It offers all-you-can-eat for less than 15 $.

Trevor: Man, I'm stuffed. Furious Pete would be proud of me! Next stop: My favourite grocery store in Harlem. TAXI!

Trevor: Come on man, let's hit it!

Trevor: Finally! Oh thank heaven for ...

World Builder: Stop that plug, Trevor! We are not doing any kind of advert here.

Trevor: Ok man, relax. Let's get back to Midtown. They could really do something 'bout all that grass in front of the store.

Trevor: Where am I? Looks like some public housing.Cheep living for people with low-income. Did you notice they all drive the same cars? World builder, ever heard of diversity?

Trevor: Here we go. Welcome to Times Square. I remember this place a bit busier. Hey, there are no tourists here. You forget about the tourists!

World builder: Really?

Trevor: Well, honestly speaking, I don't miss em. But some storefronts for Reuters Building wouldn't hurt, don't you think so?

Trevor: Midtown has so many streets, it's like a maze in here!

Trevor: The entrance of Chrysler Building looks pretty spooky with all that fog! Would be a nice setting for a new Ghostbusters film!

World Builder. The city looks damn beautiful in sunset, don't you think Trevor?

Trevor: You know what I think? It's home time. I'm off for a sundowner!
Really hope you enjoyed Trevor's city tours today. Put your tip in that can, please. See you next time. Bye!

Dear World-builder, 
I think you somehow missed to add some streetlights here. 
Hope that get's fixed until next time.



  1. ......I'm in love I seriously cant wait to download

  2. Do you make like small stores as well? (Coffee houses, restaurant, clubs etc) Also will the city be good for movie-making? I really like how it looks and I can't wait to download it!

    1. Hi, I am doing my best to make it a realistic world, so small stores will come as well. At the moment I use to place a lot of rabbitholes, so many buildings are "interactive" though they are not placed on lots. Right now, you find some pubs, a city winery, but also TGF at Times Square and some Starbucks branches, which you can visit with your Sims.

      I guess the city will be a good movie setting, but the best would be to find it on your own by downloading the next beta once it is finished :)