Sunday, April 28, 2013

So here it is... another Sims 3 New York Project!

You may say: Why the hell do we need another attempt trying to build a world like New York?
Most of them fail and we already have a very good world from Daniel, found at:

The answer is rather simple: Because I want to! I had a lot of fun playing Daniel's great New York world over the last few month, but at some point, I started to miss the depth of a real "Big Urban City Feeling"
I started to change the world using the files Daniel provides for CAW just to find out, that it was just too limited to realize the plans I had.

An idea came to my mind: Why not trying to build a world from scratch? What seemed like a crazy idea soon turned out to be an ambitious project. I needed more realistic city buildings, famous New York landmarks and a lot of time to work into CAW in detail. After spending weeks figuring out the best scale of the map to get as much of New York as possible into the game, I tried to find more deco-buildings to use for the creation of my world. Finding none, it was time to start my own creations and converting famous buildings like Grand Central Terminal or the buildings arround Times Square from google earth to the Sims 3 package files. Over the weeks, a world started to grow that is still far from being finished, but yet so amazing that I just can't stop working on it: Sims 3 THE BIG APPLE was born!

This blog will serve as a platform to give you, dear visitors, access to a lot of custom creations to use in your game and of course, once it is finished, to the BIG APPLE world itself. Stay tuned...

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