Thursday, September 5, 2013

Current state of progress

I felt that it was time to give you some information about the current state of the project, also in order to reply to some recent comments.

In general, everything goes along very well. I have just finished the concrete sea wall that surrounds Manhattan.

The city comes more and more alive due to several lots I have added over the last two weeks. Storefronts, interactive places like Starbucks Coffee, appartments, high-end lofts and so on enhance the gameplay and add to the atmosphere.

You may have already seen Rockefeller Center with the GE building in the New York Winter Nights post. It's a seasonal lot and so it changes over the year. In winter you will have the famous christmas tree and the ice rink, in summer there is a stage for concerts and so on.

I have finally managed to make the Empire State Building become an interactive lot with a basement featuring boutiques, shops as well as Walgreens and Starbucks. There is still some work to do here, but I am quite confident with it right now.

Your Sims can also take the elevator to the observation deck and enjoy a fantastic view over the city.

If you are a couch potato and prefer to stay at home rather than straying through the city, this luxurious penthouse near Central Park could be just right for you.

Those are just a few examples. Next time I will show you St. Patrick's Cathedral, The New York Live Building and some more. Please don't mind that I can't tell you when it will be finished. I am doing my best to get it done as quick as possible.
Stay tuned ;)


  1. Thanks for the update. It's looking fantastic.

    In regards to boroughs. Are you only constructing manhattan or will the other boroughs be featured also?

  2. Hi,

    I am currently working on Manhattan only, but I am planning to do other boroughs as well. As soon as I am done with Manhattan, I will release a first version of the world and start working on the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

  3. Absolutely fabulous! I hope you know that you ROCK! I love the attention to detail you're adding every step of the way...I have just one question; will there be areas to place or create a lot in Manhattan?


  4. I will leave some empty lots as "building sites", but in the city everything will be very dense.

  5. please include yankee stadium and the bronx zoo in the bronx. please and thank you. =)

  6. You're making great progress. I can't wait to play this world when you're done!