Sunday, October 13, 2013

Working on First Beta

Hello everybody,

two weeks of very relaxing holidays lay behind me. I have recharged my batteries and I am now ready to start working on the very first release of this project: First Beta.
Before I go into detail, there are some points I want to emphasize:

1. It will be a very early release and thus more a demo than a fully playable world. Please consider this! I don't want you to be disappointed.

2. The world comes along with a lot of custom content. This has always been my intention as I wanted to create a world that is unique in it's own way. Please don't complain if your computer can not handle it right or if you mess up your game, because you don't know how to install custom content. It's not difficult, though. Oh, it's likely that it will slow down your game. I have warned you ;)

3. This is maybe the most important point: I will provide a world that has yet taken an uncountable amont of my time, comes along with a hugh amount of custom made deco buildings and brings a totally unique experience to your Sims 3 game (hopefully).
In return, I kindly ask for your feedback! Please report any issue or any idea that comes to your mind at any point of time. Just write me an email or leave a comment here. Everybody that downloads the First Beta is my beta-tester. Please help me to get this project done.

If you want to contribute to this project any further, I invite you to take any of the lots in the world and design it with your own ideas. Decorate the pavement in front of the building, build a lounge or club inside or crown a skyscraper with an expensive penthouse. If you think that you have made a good creation, export the lot and send it to me. I will include it in the final version of this world.
By decorating and finishing the lots you really help to lighten my workload.

Before I can actually upload the world, I have to get rid of some small problems and make a test, so that I can be sure everything works the way I want it to.

Expect a release within the next two weeks! :)


PS: There are some new snapshots at the gallery, enjoy!


  1. It will be just awesome to play on your world! I can't wait!

  2. Great. When you are doing queens I wanna contribute by creating my house lol