Friday, August 23, 2013

New York Winter Nights

Today I want to invite you on a very special trip: A tour through the city in a cold, winter night.
As you might guess from the topic, I have decided to update the world for Seasons. It took a while until I manged to get CAW working again, but it was definitively worth it. Snowy New York looks awesome ingame ! I hope the pictures can convey a bit of the atmosphere. As there are still many buildings without nightlights and many streets without streetlights, the city looks like there is kind of a big blackout, but that just adds to the atmosphere (I will fix that in the future!).

To see the pictures, go to the gallery

Moreover, I have installed a custom lighting mod to make the nights darker and more realistic. You can find it here, if you want to:


  1. OMG! you did it. it looks awesome!!! i'm so excited. :D

  2. you even have the tree at rockefeller center. amazing. it looks SO good. when are you going to release this world? i'm so impatient. i want it NOW. LOL

  3. It takes it's time, please be patient ;)
    currently working on Wall Street and Trinity Church