Saturday, August 3, 2013

Spotlight: Living in the heart of the city

Whose Sims don't dream about living in the core of the city next to it's pulsating heart?
Luckily, there is a free appartment right next to Times Square for your Sims to rent. Just make sure you can afford it ...


  1. How many lots are in this world so far, and how close to completion are you in terms of percentage (rough estimate, obviously)?

  2. There are 53 lots right now, with a few more to come for Manhattan. I know that each additional lot means more debit for the computer so I will try not to place to many of them.
    Maybe I will delete or relocate some of the existing ones to achieve better diversity throughout the city and increase performance.

    Manhattan is about 60 percent finished and I will do my best to get it game-ready as soon as possible. I don't really know if and when the rest of the city will be dealt with, as I am working on this all alone.

  3. You only need Late Night, Ambitions and World Adventures.

  4. Its very disappointing that you're only going to include 3 EPs. We pay so much for this game and most simmers want worlds that include features from all the expansion packs. NYC without University, Showtime and SEASONS doesn't even make sense. NY is a city that has everything. I was hoping you were going to include Island Paradise but I guess that's out of the question too. It's a shame, because the views of Manhattan from a houseboat would be spectacular! The city looks great but I'm a little disappointed because I won't be able to use it except for pictures. I want a world where I get my money's worth for all the EP's I've purchased, especially if I'm going to have to bloat my game with all the custom content necessary to play this world. I really hope you reconsider and include elements from all the EPs. =(

  5. I can understand that you are disappointed, but there are several reasons for me not to include all those EPs:

    1) I don't own all of them. I own Seasons and Island Paradise, but I haven't installed them for now, since last time I tried, they ruined CAW and I had a hard time to fix this.

    2) Not everybody owns all those expensive EPs. The less I use for creation, the more people can play this world.

    3) It is absolutely no problem to add content of any EP at any time later on. I could update the world once it is finished, providing a "lite" version with only basic stuff and one with more EPs used. You could as well update your copy of the world when you downloaded it, placing new lots and so on.

    I hope you can now understand my decision ;)

  6. I understand, I'm just disappointed. =( I'm from NY so I love what you've done so far. I found your blog because I went to Daniel's blog to see if he updated for IP, but got the link here instead. Is this only going to be Manhattan or are you doing all 5 boroughs?

    I guess I can always add whatever lots/rabbitholes I want later on, but I have no idea how to add IP docks/ports or diving spots. Although I don't think anyone would want to swim or dive in NY's dirty water. LOL

    I hope you're able to get CAW to work with Seasons because at the very least I'd like to have the seasonal festivals in Central Park.

  7. My plan is to do also Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and a part of New Jersey, but there is still so much work to be done in Manhattan and I have to finish that until I can think any further.

    I will try with Seasons later on ;)