Friday, January 24, 2014

How time flies...

It has already been a month since my last post... How time flies!

Unfortunately, working on details takes a lot of time until you make recognizable progress.
I am still very busily working on this project and made some new photos for you to see what I am currently doing.

I spend most of my time redoing things that weren't done carefully enough in the beginning. There are many deco buildings with rather ugly textures that ruin the atmosphere of the city.40 Wall Street is a good example. Here you see the original building that comes with the first beta:

Textures look blurry and you can't see any details.
As we play the game mostly from a perspective not too far away, detail is important, espacially for the ground floor, where stores are suspected to be.

 And here is my current attempt to retexture:

The blurry parts belong to the original texture and the sharp parts are new. One can easily see a big difference, right?

The roof looks more wheathered and the windows can be distinguished from each other.
The new texture is twice as big as the old one. Increasing texture size does of course demand more power from your machine, but as I can't recognize any impact on my system right now, I will keep doing so. I really don't have a good computer, so don't worry too much about performance.

I have also continued to add detail to the streets. What would a city be without newspaper kiosks?

 Last but not least, I have decided to add the new World Trade Center into the game.  In my opinion, it's the best to refer to the city as it currently looks. Here are 2 pictures of One World Trade Center, former called the Freedom Tower. The memorial plaza in front of it will be added next.

 Also don't forget to check the gallery to see some new shots from the Bronx!

Please be patient regarding another beta, as I can't say when I consider it done. And please keep giving feedback!



  1. This world already looks amazing, even in it's beta stage. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished!

  2. I am patiently waiting for your release. I love New York. In the mean time I am playing with Daniel's.

  3. I am so excited that you added the one world trade center. you have just made my day :)

  4. everything looks perfect, waiting for second beta!

  5. Wow... I was searching for a world with a bustling town center, I think I found it!
    Looks incredible! A definite keeper.